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Volume 9 | Issue 08 | Digital
Picture of Catherine Garvey
Catherine Garvey

President - HIMAA

Picture of Catherine Garvey
Catherine Garvey

President - HIMAA

President's Message

I love the anticipation of attending the conference and catching up with everyone.  The countdown is well and truly started for our upcoming IFHIMA/ HIMAA Congress. There is such a a rich programme of topics and thought-provoking subjects. I look forward to welcoming our HIMAA members to sunny Brisbane and, also welcoming our international colleagues as we share and exchange thoughts, information, and ideas from our different experiences. I do hope you will be joining us for this enlightening conference.

We know some of our members will be unable to join us due to other commitments. We’ll know you will be with us in spirit!

The Board is exceedingly grateful for the amazing work that the Conference Committee has been quietly achieving in readiness for our lighthouse event.  They have worked tirelessly to bring you and all our overseas delegates a fantastic Congress/ Conference.  Do say “Hello” to them when you see them during the conference.


It is with great pleasure the Board advises that Sallyanne Wissmann commences her new contract as HIMAA CEO on Monday 30th October 2023, having covered the position as our Interim CEO, succeeding Jae Redden upon her resignation in June this year.

Held in very high regard by all who know and have worked with her for her depth of knowledge and experience, Sallyanne has demonstrated a significant contribution to our profession, as much in her role as President between 2011-2015 and serving on the HIMAA Board for 7 years, as for presenting on many occasions at our conferences, sharing her substantial expertise and skills relating to HIMAA, whether through her local Queensland Branch or the many committees and workgroups in which she has participated over the years.

The Board is confident that Sallyanne’s appointment will play a crucial role in our advocacy, policy direction, and strategic and operational planning, to ensure the ongoing development, good governance and growth of our members and the operational success of HIMAA.  We congratulate Sallyanne on taking on this important role for our Profession and we look forward to continuing our work with Sallyanne.

Sallyanne’s experience and expertise can be viewed on LinkedIn here.  We look forward to introducing Sallyanne in her capacity as HIMAA’s new CEO during the opening of the IFHIMA 20th Congress/ 40th HIMAA Conference.

The pre-conference, scheduled Board meeting, continuing our routine business agenda and review of the year, is jammed-packed with papers for noting, discussing, and requiring decisions and we look forward to working with Sallyanne for a successful outcome for HIMAA during this meeting and those in the coming months and years.

Calls for vacancies on the Board had been circulated, in accordance with the Constitution, in advance of our upcoming AGM.  Members who are still in their current election term include me, Vicki Bennett, Louise Edmonds, James Katte, Shane Sanfilippo and Kara Pollard.  Our casual Board Directors this year, until the AGM elections on 15th November 2023, are Natasha Prasad and Cassie Rupnik.

A special note of thanks to Melissa Turnell, NSW Branch Convenor, who recently advised us that she will be stepping down from this position to attend to her other life commitments.  Thank you, Melissa!  Our appreciation also to Stephen Borness who has been a valuable and valued member of our Finance and Risk Management Committee (FARM).  Stephen has moved positions and resigned from the Committee to venture forward on a new career path.  HIMAA’s Committees are always keen to hear from members who would like to contribute to their local Branch and membership using and building their skills in governance and Committee work.  As always, I encourage you to keep a keen eye on invitations to join in if these are of interest to you.  You learn so much and gain a lot of experience to which any Curriculum Vitae (Resumé) would benefit. 

During October, HIMAA took the opportunity to contribute to the Australian Digital Health Authority (ADHA), in collaboration with the Australasian Institute of Digital Health, (AIDH) consultation paper on the “Australian Digital Health Capability Framework” and the “Quality in Data and its Importance in Connecting Care Guideline”.  These two documents create a practical capability guide and framework as part of the ADHA “Digital Health Capability Plan” where it is recognised that to ensure successful and confident use of digital tools “…the health and care workforce has the capability to effectively understand, use, and apply digital in the context of their work.”  HIMAA recognises that improving these skills in the health workforce is both necessary and beneficial.  In collated responses, Sallyanne offered HIMAA’s assistance to work with ADHA and AIDH in the development of these skills, capabilities, and support in establishing such a framework.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more or do more, and become more, you are a leader. 

John Quincy Adams

Catherine Garvey, President

Table of Contents
Picture of From the CEO's desk
From the CEO's desk

Sallyanne Wissmann | CEO (Interim), HIMAA

Picture of From the CEO's desk

From the CEO's desk

Sallyanne Wissmann | CEO, HIMAA

I am delighted to have been appointed to the Chief Executive Officer role of HIMAA.  This is a role I not only believe I can do well but is a role that I want to do.  As I have spent time in the interim CEO role, I have become increasingly aware that action needs to be taken now to address the challenges facing the profession.  I am in the process of drafting a consultation paper on the case for change and drafting an action plan.  If you are attending the Congress next week, I will be presenting on my observations so far.  In addition, there will be a feedback wall beside the HIMAA booth where I invite you to come and contribute your ideas on ‘What needs to change and why’.  If you are not coming to the Congress, or if you’d prefer to send your ideas to me, I invite you to email me at with the title ‘What needs to change and why’ by Friday 10th November.  Your contribution can be about anything related to the profession or your experience as a health information management professional.  Your input will help inform the content of the consultation paper.  Once it is ready, the consultation paper will be sent out for your review and feedback.

I am also pleased to advise that HIMAA’s annual report for 2022-2023 is now available in the member area of the website.  With over 50 pages of updates, it gives a great snapshot of the activities that HIMAA members and staff have worked on during the financial year.  Have a read and congratulate your colleagues for the great work they are doing to make this profession great.

There are several current opportunities for you to contribute to the profession – details are in the newsletter.  These are:

  • Join the CDI Community of Practice
  • Apply to be the NSW Branch Convenor
  • Apply to join the Professional Development Sub-Committee
  • Provide your feedback on the Clinical Coding Practice Framework – hurry you only have until Friday 2nd November

I am still looking for the right person to join my team to lead HIMAA’s Education Services.  I am looking for someone passionate about coding education with a strategic mindset who can lead and advance this important service area of HIMAA. If want to find out more, please drop me an email or phone call or speak to me at the Congress.  Applications are open on HIMAA Workweb and Seek.  Applications will be considered as they are received on a weekly basis.

Here’s some of the things I have been doing on your behalf this month:

  • Prepared HIMAA’s submission to the ADHA/AIDH Australian Digital Health Capability Framework and the Guideline for Quality in Data and is Importance in Connecting Care
  • Briefing with the Victorian Department of Health on their recently ratified Health Information Workforce Plan
  • Consultation session with Deloitte as a key stakeholder for the Queensland Health Clinical Coding Project Pathway
  • Attended the RIMPA (Records and Information Management Practitioners Alliance) Education Summit and Conference
  • Attended ACHSM (Australasian College of Health Service Management) Conference
  • Started to meet with HIMAA’s key industry partners about the mutual value proposition for collaboration

The last few weeks the HIMAA Conference Committee, HIMAA staff, and our conference partner, Arinex, have been extremely busy as we have been planning every detail to ensure the Congress will be a great experience for the 550+ people who are attending.  I look forward to seeing many of you in person next week. While we are taking late registrations, you need to act TODAY if you want to come and haven’t yet registered. Please introduce yourselves to the HIMAA team who will be present:

  • Philida – Director Finance and Operations
  • Nicole – Events, Marketing and Communications Manager
  • Pat – ICT Manager
  • Andrea – Executive Support Officer
  • Julie – HIMAA Educator

Sallyanne, CEO

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