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Volume 9 | Issue 03 | Digital
Picture of Catherine Garvey
Catherine Garvey

President - HIMAA

Picture of Catherine Garvey
Catherine Garvey

President - HIMAA

President's Message

Catherine Garvey is currently away overseas and enjoying a well-earned holiday!

We may miss her President's Report this month, but she is very much looking forward to seeing you at the 2023 IFHIMA/HIMAA Congress.

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Picture of From the CEO's desk
From the CEO's desk

Jae Redden | CEO, HIMAA

Picture of From the CEO's desk

From the CEO's desk

Jae Redden | CEO, HIMAA

It was a great turnout for the NSW Branch event on 26 April 2023 at Gosford Hospital presented by Kerrie McGufficke from ACT Health.  Kerrie commented on her experiences with implementing Epic (picture below). The National Office is speaking with Kerrie to see if she can deliver some of this content as a lunchtime webinar so the people who could not attend have an opportunity to hear the presentation. Watch out for our announcement via social posts and email.

We have two upcoming Branch events:

  • 26 May 2023 – Digital Transformation Half-Day Seminar with James Muller and Gihan Ranatunga (Digital Metro North), Kirsten Hinze and Simon Foster (Gold Coast Health), and Trudy Stone (Queensland DoH) with the QLD Branch.
  • 2 June 2023 – Microsoft 365 E5 in Health with the WA Branch.

Our national webinar series continues:

  • 25 May 2023 – Amanda Blesing with Webinar 22: Invisible to Invincible – Seven critical components to subtly powerful self-promotion.
  • 22 June 2023 – The much anticipated second Unpacking ICD-10-AM/ACHI/ACS 12th Edition Changes webinar with iMedX covering sepsis, drug resistance and COVID. Please go to the event page for registration details.

Catherine Garvey and I will be participating in a half-day focus group with the Victoria DoH on Victoria’s 10 Year Health Workforce Strategy with their Workforce Strategy and Wellbeing Unit on 20 June 2023. We highlighted our concern for the declining workforce in the HIM profession and the need to open traineeships for HIM and Clinical Coder positions. We extended our invitation to a few HIMAA members to join us in this workshop to brainstorm how to open opportunities to get more people into these roles.

We held similar conversations with the Tasmania and ACT DoHs about the challenges in the workforce. We are also in close contact with the Queensland DoH and will be meeting the SA Health Minister, Hon. Chris Picton, on 10 July 2023. HIMAA is keen to be actively involved and facilitate the discussion on workforce to garner state government support.

LMIC Sponsorship Support for 2023 IFHIMA/HIMAA Congress Attendance

IFHIMA and HIMAA are inviting companies and individuals to sponsor presenters/delegates from Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC) to attend the 2023 IFHIMA/HIMAA Congress. One of these presenters is Teddie Chima from Malawi Africa who has written to us with this plea:

“As a researcher in field of Health information management, I am excited for the opportunity to present my work and connect with colleagues in my field. The grant I am seeking would cover the cost of conference… The cost of is beyond my personal financial means. Attending this conference would be a valuable opportunity for me to present my research titled “The need for Health Information Management professionals in Malawi Health facilities” which the research organisers have already included it on their program and receive feedback from experts in my field. Additionally, I will have the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in my area of research and connect with colleagues who share similar interests. This experience will be instrumental in advancing my research and contributing to the scientific community. Additionally, this is an emerging field and in my country no study of this nature has ever been conducted. From the results of this study, we have developed a Curriculum in Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management, which will be first of its kind in my country, Malawi…Thank you for considering my request for funding.”

Details on how you can contribute can be found in this issue. We are accepting contributions from individuals and organisations. Any support from $30 onwards would contribute towards funding our colleagues to share this experience.

I would like to flag the Independent Health and Aged Care Pricing Authority (IHACPA) who will publish its Consultation Paper on the Pricing Framework for Australian Public Hospital Services 2024–25 on 14 June 2023. The consultation seeks feedback on IHACPA’s proposed policy approach for the pricing and funding of public services in Australia for 2024–25. The public consultation is open for comment for 30 days, closing 14 July 2023. Please keep a lookout on the IHACPA website for this announcement.

As usual, please feel free to reach out to me to chat.

Jae Redden

Chief Executive Officer

Member News

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Membership Matters

At this time of year, many of our members will be renewing their HIMAA membership and will shortly be receiving renewal notices from us. On behalf of our national Branches and the Board, we would like to thank you for your support throughout the years.   2022 was a transformative year for HIMAA, as we transitioned to our new membership portal, allowing us to expand our services to our members. Features coming soon include an online Member Forum, and an online CPD Points Tracker, certifying CHIP and CHIM that represent key milestones of professional development.   Our popular online webinars are now well-established, with Webinar 22: Invisible to Invincible – Seven critical

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The Qld Branch update is brought to you by TIMG

It has been a little while since the last Qld Branch update, but we certainly have been active during that time so I’ll pick up where we left off. On 9 December 2022, HIMAAQ hosted its annual End of Year Celebration at The Inchcolm by Ovolo which was kindly sponsored by The Coding Company. The event celebrated the Mentoring Program closure, the 2022 graduating cohort from QUT’s HIM degree to the profession, recipients of the 2022 HIMAA membership awards and of course, Christmas. Jae made a special guest appearance as well – her first Qld branch event – and the members all appreciated being able finally meet Jae in person.

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Education News

HIM Student under the Spotlight

Thao Tran, final year Master of Health Information Management student at La Trobe University. What is your background? My background is actually in the optical field! I completed my Bachelor of Medical Science (Vision Science) at Flinders University and have years of optical dispensing experience in both retail and independent optometry practice environments. What state are you from? I am from South Australia, born and raised here. 😊 Interests and hobbies? I am a foodie and love trying new foods and restaurants. In my spare time, I like watching TV shows and one of my all-time favourites is House M.D. What course are you currently studying? The course that I am currently studying is La Trobe University’s Master of Health Information Management. I am in my final year of this degree! Favourite subjects? It is so hard to choose a favourite subject for me, because I feel like I learn something new and interesting every day at Uni! What lead you into the Health Information Management course? After I completed my Bachelor’s degree, I knew that I wanted to continue my education and apply for a Master degree in what interested me, which was information management. I

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What's on

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Latest News

LMIC Sponsorship Fund – Support 2023 IFHIMA/HIMAA Congress attendance

IFHIMA and HIMAA are inviting companies and individuals to sponsor presenters/delegates from Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMIC) to attend 2023 IFHIMA/HIMAA Congress. The sponsorship will contribute towards funding of the registration fee in part or full. We would like to enable the Congress attendance for LMIC delegates to share their expertise, research projects, and practical professional experiences and provide an opportunity for them to participate in this leading international event which they may otherwise be unable to take part. Our Conference Committee members will assess the applications and award the sponsorship. An acknowledgement of your sponsorship (a company logo or individual name) will be advertised on our web page, in the published Congress Proceedings, and noted with thanks during the Congress. Should you wish to remain anonymous, your preference will be respected, and you will not be named publicly. Priority for sponsorship support will be given to LMIC members whose submissions have been accepted for presentation at the Congress, and who are required to register and pay by 29 August 2023. We hope to welcome our valued international colleagues to Australia where we can showcase, network and learn from each other. HIMAA accepts sponsorship from AUD$30.00 and will issue an invoice for the payment. Please open the link to complete your sponsorship details. We hope you will consider this initiative.

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IFHIMA EOI for two new Communities of Practice (CoPs) – HIM Educators and ICD-11 Planning

IFHIMA is seeking nominations of interest to participate in two new Communities of Practice (CoPs) – HIM Educators and ICD-11 Planning. If you are interested in participating in one of these COPs, please email A draft set of terms of reference will be forwarded to those who express interest and will be confirmed at the first meeting of these CoPs which will hopefully be held in late May. Further CoPs will be established in the future once these two are up and running and we can reflect on the pros and cons of their operation.

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Editorial Board

Latest from HIMJ

Since the last edition of HIMAA matters, HIMJ has published Issue 2 – May 2023. This is a bumper issue including an Editorial form Carol Loggie and Jenny Davis, which introduced our Virtual Special Issus on ‘the emergence of health information in aged care’. The issue is full of Forum, Review, Research and Profession Practice articles and Letters to the Editor.   HIMJ has also published one online first research article:   Research article:  Impact of clinical note format on diagnostic accuracy and efficiency.Evita M Payton, Mark L Graber, Vasil Bachiashvili, Tapan Mehta, P Irushi Dissanayake, Eta S Berner April 27, 2023 | OnlineFirst   This research pilot tested an innovative study design and explored the impact of note formats on diagnostic accuracy and documentation review time. Participants diagnosed written clinical cases, half in narrative format, and half in list format. Diagnostic accuracy (defined as including correct case diagnosis among top three diagnoses) and time spent processing the case scenario were measured for each format.

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HIM-Interchange Update

As I announced in the March 2023 edition of HIMAA Online, HIM-Interchange is moving to an ‘electronic first publication’ format. We have made a few tweaks to the website to facilitate this and our first two ‘electronic first’ articles are now live. One article is from Sheree Lloyd, who has written a paper based on the 2022 webinar she delivered on Health information management leadership in activity based funding: the past, present and future. The other article is the first in a series of articles on research pathways for health information managers. The first article in the series provides information on the honours degree and some health information managers share stories of their honours research. We hope you enjoy the new format that supports us getting articles to you sooner. As always, we would love your feedback. I encourage you to provide feedback on the journal and website at Joanne Fitzgerald Editor, HIM-Interchange

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