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Picture of Cheens Lee
Cheens Lee

President - HIMAA

Picture of Cheens Lee
Cheens Lee

President - HIMAA

President's Report

Hello Members, 


My thoughts are with the members in NSW who were affected by the floods in March. I was saddened to see the devastation. Looking at the before and after photos the areas looked more like inland seas.  


HIM Awareness Week (10-16 May) 


It’s that time of year again when we come together to celebrate and promote the HIM profession. We know the value that we provide to our organisations and the Australian healthcare system so let’s take the opportunity to make some noise and lift our profileA useful tool is our Positioning and Advocacy Toolkit, in particular section 7 – Communicating the Role of the HIM and Target AudiencesI like to use the elevator pitches (30 second grab) when talking to people


There’s no better way to highlight our skills than connecting them with a current issue which has been done by Joan Henderson and Kerin Robinson, with a piece on the national booking system for COVID-19 vaccinations in The Conversation.  


Committees, Work Groups and Special Interest Groups 


As I’ve said through this newsletter a number of times, our members who volunteer their time are the lifeblood of HIMAA. Without your efforts we cannot progress our agendas for the association and profession. Our branches provide a wonderful way for us to connect locally. Over time committees, work groups and special interest groups have formed to cater for specific issues and interest that have aligned with HIMAA’s goals. Naturally, at the inception of these groups the enthusiasm and membership of these groups are high.  


As time passes, however, the issues and interest may have waned and these groups have become less active. We recently did a high-level audit where we identified over 40 such groups. The National Office conducted a survey to all chairs of these groups to understand what their current objectives are and how they fit in with HIMAAWe’ve gathered this data in preparation for the Board to reset HIMAA’s Strategic Plan in the next couple of months. An external facilitator will support the Board in conducting this very important piece of work which will focus HIMAA’s efforts and resources for the coming years.  


Continue to volunteer:  as Dr. Seuss puts it “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”


Onwards and upwards! 


Cheens Lee 






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Picture of From the CEO's desk
From the CEO's desk

Jae Redden | CEO, HIMAA

Picture of From the CEO's desk

From the CEO's desk

Jae Redden | CEO, HIMAA

At the start of year the staff at North Ryde and I initiated a clean-up and mini makeover of our work environment. I love good spring-clean, throwing or donating what we don’t needWe cleared two storage rooms, turning one into my office and the other to an informal collaborative space with two hot desks for visitors. Our meeting room is recarpeted with a splash of wall paint and decked out with AV to hold a meeting. I’d like to thank the HIMAA staff who led and pitched in to help. 

Best of all, I’m happy to share this space with our members. If you’re away from the office and need a few hours of workspace or would like to hold a meeting with your fellow HIMAA members and guests, please feel free to contact us at to check if the space is available. We would love to welcome you! We will be hosting a morning tea on 11 May 2021 at 10.30am for the HIMAA Awareness Week in our office. I hope to see you there if you can make it (see What’s On under Awareness Week to register).


To lessen the volume of emails into your inbox, we have combined the monthly eNews and HIMAA Matters. Launched with this issue the HIMAA Matters Online features regular items as well as new sections. Member News is a section where we invite our members to share their news about what’s happening at your workplace, your work change/movements and to announce other relevant member/industry updates. We want to share your news with your colleagues and celebrate you! Please send these updates to and ensure you include appropriate acknowledgement. Please confirm you have obtained copyright permission for photographs and third-party materials if used.


In Editorial you will hear from our editors on what’s coming up in the issues and other related news. Read on to learn about the launch of the new HIM-I website. Under Latest News, you will find information on 2021 HIMAA Research Grant Scheme which closes on 30 June 2021. I would like to thank our Research Advisory Committee who are committed to fostering health information management research as a priority for all members of HIMAA. Acknowledging HIMAA committee member positions are voluntary, I am indebted to our members for investing their time and input in furthering the profession.


I’d like to draw your attention to IFMRO to IFHRO to IFHIMA – An Historical Overview 1949 – 2019. This is a piece of historical treasure you may consider having as a part of your collection. Reviewed in Workplace Review – People, practice, cases and trends in workplace relations 10(2): Summer, Craig Ryan wrote: “In her history of the International Federation1 of medical record professionals, Professor Phyllis Watson sheds light on the profoundly important part played by medical records, and the people who maintain them, in our health systems. It is an invaluable contribution to redressing any lack of awareness.”


Also, I thank Jane Larkan and Meleah Herbert for their article in this newsletter. Make privacy a priority, for the Privacy Awareness Week (PAW) 3-9 May 2021. This is an integral issue for our members and a matter HIMAA is passionate about.


HIM Awareness Week is on from 10-16 May 2021. More details are in What’s On. I encourage you to participate. It is not too late to order a promotional pack from our National Office by emailing We’ll send you posters for display, flyers and brochures and new merchandise, such as highlighters and branded face masks. We need all members to spread the word about our wonderful profession and the pivotal work that HIM professionals do.


Excitingly, the Call for Submissions for the HIMAA National Conference is out. Guidelines are published on the HIMAA website. We are keen to learn about your projects, issues, and anything you wish to share with the HIM industry. Please submit a paper or an abstract by the deadline, 10 May 2021.


Please keep your eye on the HIMAA Events page for webinars and branch events happening every month. Thank you to those who attended our introductory webinar and provided feedback on your needs and preferences. The following sessions will be tailored according to your input.


Finally, I’d like to welcome Tammy Ware, our new Education Officer for clinical coding. Who commenced with us on 15 March 2021. Tammy has extensive experience in health information management, managing clinical coding teams and more recently the Regional HIM at the Mater Hospital in Townsville. She will be working with us on a part-time basis supporting our entry level students. Tammy is passionate about clinical coding and educating new coders. We are excited to welcome Tammy to our team.


I remain keen to work with you in leading HIMAA to serve the health information profession. Please feel free to reach out to me to chat.


Jae Redden, CEO

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Introducing the HIMAA Research Advisory Committee

The Research Advisory Committee (RAC) is focused on promoting a more inclusive and extensive research culture throughout the profession. This involves raising the levels of research awareness, support and capacity across the membership.

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Congratulations to HIM-Interchange

Congratulations to all members of the HIM-Interchange (HIM-I) Editorial Subcommittee, led by HIM-I Editor  Joanne Fitzgerald, for their outstanding achievement in transitioning HIM-I from its paper-base to an online journal format. Since its creation in 2011 as HIMAA’s professional practice journal, HIM-I has been a valued ‘go-to’ read of HIMAA members because of the quality and relevance of its content.

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Make privacy a priority

Jane Larkan, Health Information Manager, Mount Hospital (WA) and Meleah Herbert, A/Director Health Information Management, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (Qld)

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Feedback required – Data Analytics

Under the auspices for the HIMAA Education Committee, a Data Analytics Competencies Working Group was convened after Expressions of Interest were sought. Seven members and a Chair were appointed.

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Member News

Latest news and updates submitted by members. Any member updates, please submit to

PhD scholarship in NLP and ML

PhD scholarship in NLP and ML. Both local and on-shore international students can apply.   Project Title - Mapping Clinical Classification Systems Using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning Techniques 

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Editorial Board

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