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Picture of Catherine Garvey
Catherine Garvey

President - HIMAA

Picture of Catherine Garvey
Catherine Garvey

President - HIMAA

President's Message

President’s Report – April 2024

I hope everyone had a very pleasant break over the school, Easter, and Eid periods; although it may well feel like a distant memory at this stage, I do feel it allowed me a little space to re-set and refresh and I hope each of you had a similar opportunity!

Head Office, our Committees and the Board are back to our calendar of activities and intentions now that we have re-energised. This month the Board met on two separate nights to cover the items on our working Agenda. Working with Sallyanne and the team we’re making steady progress with the Case for Change, our financial positioning, the upcoming Workforce Summit, our conference, and the myriad of quality improvements occurring in the office.  We welcome Kathleen and Andrew to the team during April.  They will be busy settling in over the next few weeks and we look forward to their contributions to our success as an Association.

The upcoming Workforce Summit is shaping up to be an excellent forum, with representatives from all States and Territories, to focus on our clinical coding workforce. There are a substantial number of influences and factors which need to be reviewed and discussed to ensure we can navigate our expertise and skills in our modern-day workplace. Sincere thanks to all those who contributed to getting this conversation and programme organised. The collaboration with an all-Australian representative group, with wide and varied perspectives on the topic like this one, is paramount to encapsulate the issues and innovations required for the future of clinical coding. As much as a great discussion can in and of itself be stimulating, we are keen to ensure that we create actions that will have tangible and attainable benefits in addressing the key messages derived from this meeting of minds.

One element of this conversation will be related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its opportunity in clinical coding. A useful tool to guide strategic and operational thinking on AI in health, and I suggest our thinking too, is the roadmap published by the Australia Alliance for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare late 2023.

The Roadmap identifies potential gaps in Australia’s capability to translate AI into effective and safe clinical services, across areas such as industry capability, implementation, regulation and AI safety. It builds on the extensive work that has already been undertaken nationally and internationally, including existing national frameworks and policies that relate to AI, to provide guidance on how to close these gaps.”

Read more by clicking on the below link:

AAAiH Roadmap

AI in Healthcare National Policy Roadmap

AI finds broad application across healthcare:

Learning: Machine learning systems discover patterns, categories, and relationships from clinical, population, administrative and personal heath data, which can then be used to analyse key patient-specific information, diagnose diseases, or suggest treatments. Deep learning methods are based on neural networks.

Documenting: Large language models promise to reduce administrative loads on clinicians by automating the creation of documentation such as specialist letters, electronic health records and discharge summaries.

Planning: Using knowledge about tasks, resources, and goals as well as information about trade-offs, AI can be used to create plans as well as dynamically update them, for example optimising a patient’s chemotherapy treatment regime over an extended period.

Communicating: Conversations are sometimes essential to communicate complex ideas, or to obtain additional information in pursuit of a diagnostic or therapeutic goal. AI can help translate complex information into consumer-friendly language. Chatbots can participate in structured conversations with patients or clinicians to accomplish specific tasks such as obtain information or deliver cognitive behavioural therapy.

Discovery: A special class of learning algorithms is focused on creating new knowledge, for example discovering natural scientific laws, or previously unexpected associations such as the genetic basis of a disease or repurposing of a drug for a novel use.”AAAiH logo

Together with our Summit on 1st May, and AIDH Workforce Summit on 30th April, it is very clear that AI and workforce are cornerstone topics for all of us to consider and address.

As well as the more strategic matters, a more pragmatic one which will keep you up-to-date with what is happening in our profession is membership renewal. In an environment which is constantly changing and disrupted by digital advances, not to mention our own subject matter and areas of interest, being part of and contributing to the generational evolution of our knowledge and expertise is the most practical action each member can take, especially at this time of membership renewal; noting payment before the end of June will be included in your 2023/24 Tax Return.  Be sure to keep your contact details up-to-date to keep abreast of events, news and updates.

Conference24 Banner

Our Research Advisory, Education, and Conference Committees are busily progressing their programmes of work.  I am pleased to announce that Conference Registrations are now open.  There was such a large number of submissions of papers, research and posters, the team requested a small extension before the draft program is made available. Those of you who have submitted will be sure to hear the outcome soon!  Best of luck with your submission and many thanks to the Conference organisers for their work, to date.

Self care is how we recharge our battery so that we can show up for others.” Oprah Winfrey

Self Care visual guide

Look out for our next Town Hall Meeting scheduled for 22nd May.  James Katte is Acting Chair/President between now and the end of June, as I am visiting my Mum who is not too well. 

Wishing each and every one of you every success in all your endeavours!

Catherine Garvey


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Picture of From the CEO's desk
From the CEO's desk

Sallyanne Wissmann | CEO (Interim), HIMAA

Picture of From the CEO's desk

From the CEO's desk

Sallyanne Wissmann | CEO, HIMAA

Hello All, 

National Clinical Coding Workforce Summit

I’m looking forward to the conversation and discussion that will occur at next week’s National Clinical Coding Workforce Summit.  The future of the clinical coding workforce is important and is something that we can influence, ensuring the coding function and everyone who contributes to it is both valued and valuable while ensuring a sustainable future.

We have a great lineup of speakers, with everyone keen to participate.  The Summit is intended to be thought provoking and inspiring, creating a positive atmosphere for the existing coding workforce, stakeholders and interested parties to contribute to intentionally shaping the future.

It is not too late to register to be part of an in-person discussion in Sydney or to register online to listen and contribute your thoughts throughout the day.

If you are unable to attend, we will be producing a summary of the Summit and next steps.

The Case for Change Next Steps

In addition to the National Clinical Coding Workforce Summit, and my presentation on the clinical coding workforce requirements at the Summit, there are a number of intentional next steps that HIMAA will be taking to effectively address the key challenges facing the health information management profession. Come along to the online Town Hall on the 22nd May where the HIMAA Board will be launching the exciting response to the case for change.

2024 National Health Information Management Conference: 28th-30th October

Thank you to everyone who submitted research and professional practice abstracts for presentations, workshops, and posters at this year’s conference. With over 70 abstracts submitted, there was an increased interest this year in showcasing relevant and progressive research and case studies demonstrating how health information management is continuing to evolve to meet the needs of the industry.

Our Conference Committee Academic and Industry Scientific Co-Chairs are busy compiling the program, and my thanks to the team of volunteers who assisted with blind-review of the abstracts. We will let you know when the conference program is available.

I am very pleased to announce that registrations are NOW OPEN for the 2024 October conference.  Balancing the increasing costs associated with such an event, we have been able to retain comparable pricing compared to last year’s Congress. Early bird registration is open for 3 months until the 31st of July enabling you to access attractive early bird rates in either financial year to suit your financial needs.  If you are not a member of HIMAA, financially it is less to join as a member and access new member conference rates, than to pay for the non-member rate.  We’d love to have you join the HIMAA community as a member.  We have also partnered with some great accommodation partners to offer attractive accommodation rates through the registration portal. You can check out all the information about the conference here.

Next week the 2024 Conference Prospectus will be available, and we look forward to engaging with prospective sponsors and exhibitors to make this a truly memorable event.  If you are interested in obtaining a prospectus, please register your interest here if you haven’t already.

In closing, it is great to have health information management professionals investing further to contribute their expertise to the advancement of the profession’s effectiveness, impact, and influence.  In this edition of HIMAA Matters we introduce you to Kathleen Rogers, HIMAA’s HIM Advisor; Andrew Wooding, HIMAA’s Learning Content Manager; Anna Carter, HIMAA Victorian Branch Convenor; and Rachel Tretheway, HIMAA South Australian Branch Convenor.

I have more plans in the pipeline that I look forward to sharing with you in the coming months.


A reminder that I welcome your input and feedback at any time to or +61 403 898 403 

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