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Volume 7 | Issue 04 | Digital

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HIMJ has recently published three OnlineFirst articles. A brief summary of each is provided below


Review article  Social media in health communication: A literature review of information quality 


Eric Afful-Dadzie, Anthony Afful-Dadzie, Sulemana Bankuoru Egala.  

4 April 2021 | OnlineFirst 

The quality of health information on social media was reviewed to understand how these issues have been framed and addressed in the literature. Because of the varied opinions on the quality of health information available on social media platforms, the authors recommend the development of relevant evaluation criteria and instruments specifically for social media health information. 


Research article Impact of implementing structured note templates on data capture for hernia surgery 

Christopher David Vetter, John H Kim.  

12 April 2021 | OnlineFirst 


The authors undertook a retrospective review of clinical notes, pre- and post-implementation of a standardised note template, to determine whether the structured template would improve data completeness and timeliness. The template resulted in significantly improved capture of specific data variables and of note completion time. 


Research article Factors affecting clinicians’ adherence to principles of diagnosis documentation: A concept mapping approach for improved decision-making 


Nafiseh Hosseini, Sayyed Mostafa Mostafavi, Kazem Zendehdel, Saeid Eslami.  

12 April 2021 | OnlineFirst 


This study involved a concept mapping approach to extract factors related to the quality of clinicians’ documentation that govern EHR data quality. The findings highlight the significance of clinical coding knowledge, awareness of its importance and applicability, and the use of well-structured information systems.