HIM-Interchange issue one for 2021 is now available online. In this issue we have two Question and Answer style articles, one to welcome HIMAA’s new CEO, Jae Redden, and one to farewell Stella Rowlands, former Secretary of the HIM-Interchange Subcommittee. Both articles provide inspiration for members of HIMAA with comments from both auguring well for the future of our profession.


San Le and colleagues at North Western Mental Health in Victoria have provided an informative article on the development of a health information governance framework for their health service. So much of what they write about is transferable to other settings in which health information managers are involved.


Dr Amod Karnik and colleagues from a Queensland health service report on the development of checklists for use by medical practitioners to improve Diagnosis Related Group outcomes, another initiative that may be transferable to other hospital settings.


The development of rapid mortality reporting in Australia is described by Emma Torrens and her colleagues at the Australian Bureau of Statistics and illustrates yet again how the COVID-19 pandemic has driven innovative changes to the way health information has traditionally been managed. These changes, which will become permanent, have provided a more agile reporting mechanism for mortality data which is being welcomed by users.


Finally, Anne-Marie Tsoucalas explores the many opportunities that exist outside traditional roles for those with a qualification in health information management.


The HIM-Interchange Subcommittee hopes you enjoy reading this very interesting publication and we look forward to future contributions from you, our HIMAA members.