CDI Annual Survey Report

Awareness of clinical documentation improvement (CDI) is slowly penetrating the collective consciousness in ICD-10-AM countries and is becoming an increasingly popular career path for Health Information Managers. However, there remains an ongoing challenge to increase its prominence in all aspects of healthcare delivery. 

As CDI continues to carve its niche within healthcare, we recognise that our journey is not defined just by data, but also by the narratives of transformation that are shared and the collective efforts of our community. Numbers certainly help, but they don’t tell the whole story. 

The CDI Annual Survey report, produced by Clinical Documentation Improvement Australia, aims to delve into the current state of CDI practice, standards, and processes. It encompasses topics such as your organisation, CDI program, medical record review, documentation queries, and clinician engagement. 

In the 2023 report, CDIA compare the responses to those of the inaugural 2022 report and see what change has occurred and what progress has been made. This report is designed to be read in tandem with the 2022 report, to avoid duplication of similar material.  

We hope that the qualitative reflection of CDI Week and the quantitative data from the CDI Week Survey demonstrate the momentum of CDI in ICD-10-AM countries. Let the CDI Week 2023 Survey Report inform our direction for the next year, as we continue to harness the momentum of CDI’s success.