The Health Information Management Association of Australia (HIMAA) is hosting a National Clinical Coding Workforce Summit to understand the changing landscape in clinical coding over the next ten years and how to plan for this future.

Clinical Coders are a qualified workforce responsible for creating coded health data used for supporting health funding, categorising hospital activity, and benchmarking the performance of health services.

HIMAA is the peak body for health information management professionals, including Clinical Coders, and understands that there are significant challenges that face the workforce in light of an increasing need for accurate and timely health information from health services.

The Summit will explore thought leadership in relation to national directions for clinical coded data, public and private healthcare perspectives, professional requirements for the workforce, the work-ready clinical coder and emerging innovations including AI and value-based case.

The Summit will bring together representatives from all Australian states and territories, private hospital providers, Commonwealth agencies responsible for clinical coding, private health insurers, professional associations, education institutions educating on clinical coding, and companies who support clinical coding, in person in Sydney.

HIMAA will livestream the event online to those interested in the discussions of the Summit such as those currently in, associated with, or studying to enter the clinical coding workforce.

Be sure not to miss this important Summit as the clinical coding industry prepares for the future of clinical coding. Registrations and more information will be released in the next few days.