Webinar 28: Unpacking ICD-10-AM/ACHI/ACS 12th Edition Changes on Diabetes and Neoplasms

HIMAA in partnership with iMedX is pleased to announce the last session of our three-part series on unpacking the 12th edition changes of the ICD-10-AM coding standards. In this session, we will delve into neoplasms and diabetes along with practical case studies and examples. This session will cover the following key topics: Diabetes Basics of… Continue reading Webinar 28: Unpacking ICD-10-AM/ACHI/ACS 12th Edition Changes on Diabetes and Neoplasms

Webinar 29: My Health Record Update

Digital Health is transforming the way in which healthcare is provided in Australia, enabling clinicians to safely share critical patient information to support informed clinical decision-making and healthcare management as well as empowering people to participate in their own health care. My Health Record is enabling key health information to be shared between different clinical information systems… Continue reading Webinar 29: My Health Record Update

HIMAA Student Profile

Our student of the month for August is Anna Boon from Oran Park in New South Wales. Cathy scored 92% in the clinical coding exam, has completed the HLT50321 Diploma of Clinical Coding and is keen to start consolidating her clinical coding knowledge. We spoke with Anna on her experience, read below:  What led you… Continue reading HIMAA Student Profile

From the CEO’s Desk

August was a month of health information management promotion. During HIM Week it was great to see many health information management professionals and their employers using social media, with the hashtags #himweek #himweek2023 and #himaa, to recognise, appreciate and celebrate the profession. In addition, many members participated with their local teams. The greatest asset for… Continue reading From the CEO’s Desk

President’s report

What a wonderful, enthusiastic, and enriching HIM week! Lots of social media demonstrating the fun events and promotions of what HIMs and Clinical Coders offer to our employers. Thank you everyone for your participation. In addition, there were the three webinars hosted by HIMAA, all receiving positive feedback from attendees. The Board was especially delighted… Continue reading President’s report