Latest from HIMJ

Four new papers were published in HIMJ in July …   Research article  Alpha NSW: What would it take to create a state-wide paediatric population-level learning health system? Michael Hodgins, Nora Samir, Susan Woolfenden, Nan Hu, Francisco Schneuer, Natasha Nassar, Raghu Lingam July 7, 2023 | OnlineFirst The lack of integration between high-quality data, analytic… Continue reading Latest from HIMJ

HIM Student under the Spotlight

Jed Castle, La Trobe Student – Bachelor of Health Information Management  What are your background and interests and how did these lead to your enrolment in the in Bachelor of HIM? Are you currently working? If so, what are you doing? I am a born and bred Geelong boy by heart, growing up down by the… Continue reading HIM Student under the Spotlight