Latest from HIMJ

HIMJ has recently published one On-line First article. A brief summary is provided below… Research article Comparison of routine blood alcohol tests and ICD-10-AM coding of alcohol involvement for major trauma patients Georgina Lau, Belinda J Gabbe, Biswadev Mitra, Paul M Dietze, Sandra Braaf, Ben Beck. Sep 2, 2021 | OnlineFirst This retrospective cohort study… Continue reading Latest from HIMJ

Education Committee – Update to HIMAA Membership

Education is critical for all members of the Health Information Management workforce, both in their qualifying degree or course and later throughout their professional careers. The Education Committee is HIMAA’s expert body on education (except for HIMAA’s own clinical coding courses). Its key foci are to: Develop and maintain currency of the profession’s core competency… Continue reading Education Committee – Update to HIMAA Membership

From the CEO’s desk

At the start of year the staff at North Ryde and I initiated a clean-up and mini makeover of our work environment. I love a good spring-clean, throwing or donating what we don’t need. We cleared two storage rooms, turning one into my office and the other to an informal collaborative space with two hot desks for visitors. Our meeting room is recarpeted with a splash of wall paint and decked out with AV to hold a meeting. I’d like to thank the HIMAA staff who led and pitched in to help.